Whether it is you or your loved one who is in the “sunrise” years of childhood, the “sunset” years of adult-hood, or somewhere in between the two, searching for the right kind of care and/or transportation can be a daunting task that feels much like a journey down a steep and winding road.  So many factors to consider…  Among the most imperative is the need to make sure the care-giver selected is trustworthy, compassionate, and skilled to provide quality service.  Our hope as you visit this site is that the winding road will quickly begin to straighten for you and that the light of clarity will shine brightly on your heart and mind confirming for you that your destination has finally been reached… that your Quest For Care has finally come to an end.

Quest 4 Care is happy to make available four separate divisions of services :

First, for the young, Quest After-School Care  is available.  Now entering its seventh year of operation, this program serves K-5 children  attending Four Oaks Elementary.  To find out more about it, please click the corresponding link provided above.  We hope to hear from you so we can set up an appointment to meet one another and see if Quest will be a good fit for your family during the 2015-2016 school year!

Next, for those a bit older, Quest Senior-Care is soon to begin operation.  This service will be catered toward those loved ones needing transportation either to and from appointments, to do shopping, or to attend other public events.  These seniors are still cognitively strong and relatively mobile but just need a little assistance in the area of transportation and public ambulation (and, in addition, will receive a little extra encouraging companionship along the way).  Many today are finding this type of service to be quite a stress-relieving and cost-effective means of obtaining assistance with travel needs and navigating public settings safely.  See the page which provides details on available times and prices. We hope you will soon give us a call…

Thirdly, Quest Concierge Service is, too, almost ready for operation.  This will be an Errand Running service (for delivery of light grocery or Walmart level retail purchases). The idea is to be like having a reliable Big Sister (or Daughter ) who can be counted on to come to the rescue when something important is forgotten or the schedule for the day is just too tight to accomplish all tasks, so a trip to the store for an item or two needs to be delegated out to someone else!

Lastly, we come to Quest New-Mom’s S.O.S. (Saving of Sanity!! 😉 )  This is for the exhausted new mom’s out there – those perhaps just recently placed on bed-rest for the remainder of their pregnancy or, conversely, those who have already given birth but moms/aunts/sisters/friends have all gone back home and during those first few weeks there is still difficulty in keeping up with the many household tasks and family responsibilities.  An extra helping hand is needed…   Click on the menu link to access the page explaining the details.  You will see what is being offered and how to set up an appointment.  We look forward to hearing from you and being able to offer some assistance in your time of need!

Thank you for visiting and checking us out!

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